Friday, January 11, 2013

Crazy JMSale contest!!!!

I'm entering the JM contest to win a JM couture blouse that needs me to repost the shout out as many as possible..when its come to many,that's meant a lot..a lot keep on trying my luck for it..owh,and not to forget..thanks a lot to jovian mandagie himself for the liked and comment that encourage me to try and never give up..sweet of you the way,wishing you a succes in ur life and hope to meet you at JMSale this weekend..jovianista,happy shopping!!!!

Jovian Mandagie Crazy Sales!!! (JMSALE)


Don't forget to drop by bangsar this coming weekend..12-13 Jan 2013..jovian mandagie is having a crazy sales at his boutique..further markdown to 80%..sound crazy must be more crazy at the place on that day itself..however,you don't want to miss this..the craziest sales ever in 2013..enjoy your shopping jovianista..

Ms Lulu

Monday, January 7, 2013


I think it's not to late to wish all of you Happy New Year..may this year bring you happiness,wealth,health,success..don't forget your hard and smart to achieve your gold..InsyAllah,it will be yours.