Monday, January 17, 2011

Longchamp Replica For Sale...

Longchamp Le Pliage signature tote sports lightweight nylon with a leather snap flap and shoulder straps. This bag truly is the ideal bag, good for rain or snow, sun or shine. Even better is the fact that you can roll this bag up for storage. 

You can have your favourite colour with only RM50 include postage...

The price will be different according to the size.

Size XL-55cm(width) x 34cm(tall) x 23cm (wide length) (RM65)
Size L - 45cm(width) x 30cm(tall) x 19cm (wide length) (RM50)
Size M - 30cm (width)x 36cm(tall)x 18cm (wide length) (RM45)

Size S - out of stock
(This is LongChamp Replica...please be noted)

For me, this handbag work perfectly to take to the gym or beach, I called it my “Everyday Bag”.... While I do believe people have their limits, I think true handbag lovers will continue to buy this bag in many difference colours!!!!

Enjoy your ShoPpinG!!!


-Fairuz Saiful-

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Petaling Street...

Morning Peeps...
Ask anyone who’s been to Malaysia about Petaling Street and they will cite it as a shopper’s haven, albeit in a different league when compared to its more glamourous counterparts, Bukit Bintang and KLCC. A well-known shopping district, the whole area transforms into a lively and vibrant night market after dark, with hundreds of stalls selling all kinds of stuff at dirt-cheap prices, making it the most happening night market in the city.

Getting There

Chinatown is served by a good network of public transportation. Major bus routes operate through this area – just take the ones heading for ‘Kotaraya’. There are also plenty of train stations nearby; you can either take the LRT (Pasar Seni or Masjid Jamek station), KTM Komuter (Kuala Lumpur station) or Monorail (Maharajalela station) – all within walking distance.

Historial Background

Back in the olden days when Malaysia was still known as ‘Tanah Melayu’ or Malaya, the Chinese had come to this country to work at the tin mines. However, during the Selangor Civil War, the tin mines were temporarily abandoned. The Chinese returned after the war, only to find the mines flooded. Yap Ah Loy, an influential Chinese figure back then, had opened a tapioca mill on Petaling Street in his bid to persuade the Chinese to stay on. To this day, Petaling Street is sometimes called ‘Chee Cheong Kai’, meaning ‘Starch Factory Street’ in Cantonese, referring to its history as the centre for the production of tapioca flour back then.
Since then, Petaling Street has been given a facelift. Gone are the patchy roads, broken pavements and colourful umbrellas attached to wooden pushcarts lining the street on both sides. A green awning covers the length of the street, acting as a roof to shield vendors and shoppers from the heat and the rain. An Oriental-style archway with the words ‘Jalan Petaling/Petaling Street’ spelled out in gold letters greets visitors at its main entrance.

Shopper’s Haven & Foodie’s Galore

Petaling Street is chock-full of shops and stalls selling goods and food. A signboard warning against the sale of imitation goods provides an interesting – even ironic – contrast as the whole street is practically littered with fake branded items. Handbags, watches, trainers, clothing – you name it, they’ve got it. Louis Vuitton sits side-by-side with Rolex, and you can sometimes get the latest cinematic releases at less than RM 10 each. For shoppers on a tight budget or those looking for cheap and cheerful ‘branded’ goods, Petaling Street will be their first stop as it offers not just variety but also value for money as the prices can be further whittled down through hard bargaining.
Petaling Street is also filled with opportunities to sample a delightful array of local cuisine. Chinese and seafood restaurants can be found at every corner, and stalls selling all kinds of snacks are stretched along the street, resulting in an interesting mixture of aroma filling the air that is quite hard to resist. The best thing about them is that most of them are open until very late at night, with some even staying open until four to five in the morning. For a highly-recommended list of food to try in and around Petaling Street, take a look at our Chinatown Dining section.

Bargaining Tips

Bargaining is the way to go when shopping in Petaling Street, unless you don’t mind being ripped off. Prices are generally quoted 15 to 35% higher than what they are truly worth – even higher sometimes for tourists. So before you head down to Petaling Street, make sure your bargaining skills are well-honed.
But first things first – before going on your haggling venture, pay attention to what you’re wearing. If you look like you have the money, some vendors will not hesitate to charge you double or even triple the price. So leave your Armani shirt and gold wristwatch behind, and dress as simply as you could. Wear no visible labels or anything that is a dead giveaway to your financial status.
When you find an item you like, take your time to inspect it. Keep a neutral expression and don’t let your interest show too much, even if you’re dead keen on it. Even if there’s a price tag on the item clearly stating what it’s worth, still make it a point to ask: “How much?” The bidding process will thus begin. Start with offering just one quarter of the asking price – don’t feel bad about this as you can always raise your offer bit by bit.
Keep going back and forth with your counter-offer until you reach a price that you’re comfortable with. If the vendor refuse to budge any lower, thank him, tell him that you will think about it and walk away to survey other shops. Two things will happen: 1) the vendor calls you back and states his final (and much lower) offer or asks you how much you’re willing to pay for the item, or 2) you will find a much better offer elsewhere. The mistake that most foreigners make is that they’re too afraid, too embarrassed or feel too guilty to ask for a much lower price, that they immediately accept the first counter-offer that the vendor makes. Remember, most of the items sold here initially bear a higher marked price, so don’t be afraid to bid lower, and feel free to shop around – it is the culture here.

P/s :- Sebenarnye klaw korang nak taw kan..sebab musabab kenapa tetibe aku nak berciter psal PS ni..aku baru g last 2 days..dan aku ajak encik apis temankan utk wanita/gurls/perempuan/gadis..klaw nak gi sane,pastikan ade seorang lelaki bersama ataw pergi dlm kumpulan..sbb kat sane tersgt la bahaya..takot ape2 lebih baik kiter mencegah...aku dh pernah kena dulu...aku g dgn sorang member aku(gurl ofkos)..jln2,biase la window shopping kan..pastu ternampak la seutas jam yg aku,langkah ku terhenti kat kedai tu..dan aku mule la tny harga..tawar punye tawar dgn cine last hrga stop..sbb hrga tu still xmemuaskan hati,aku pon beransur pergi..lepas tu aku dgr cine tuh jerit maki2 aku..aku jd takot la dan tros xde mood nak jln2 lg..aku ajak member aku berangkat pulang..secara jujur lah kan,camni ke layan customer????..Kasar,xde adab,kurang ajar..ish ish ish..dan aku pernah gak pergi sane dgn member2 aku(2lelaki dan 2perempuan)..
ade gak kitorg berenti belek2 brg pastu blah diorg xde plak maki aku cam,as a result,klaw nak g pastikan ade lelaki..diorg takot sket..dan aku rase kan,sbnrnye diorg ni lansung xfriendly dan kejernye nak mengetok org jer especially pelancong...klaw x disebabkan aku nk beli brg local mmg aku xgi la price kat sane sgt affordable sebab korang leh tawar,klaw dh de duit baru g usha and trus beli..jgn nk tawar2 tp xbeli..mmg kena la dgn tuan punye kedai tu..hahaha  
pesanan buat peniaga2 kat PS tuh,jgn la kereks dtg dan bertanya hrga tu sbb nk beli kdg2 disebabkan sikap korang yg sedikit kasar tuh menyebabkan org trus xjadi nak beli..ramah2 la sket..kate 1 Malaysia..Ahaksss..(tetibe jer nak gune ayat nih..wpon sbnrnye aku xde la suke sgt)..
So buat semua,selamat bershoping kat Ps dan enjoy your reading..

Fairuz Saiful

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jalan Raya..Haishhh!!!

Just nk luahkan perasaan yg dh 2 hari terpendam..sumenye gara2 bgn lmbt pastu rushing nk g keje...aku rase ade undang2 jalan raya baru la yg krajaan kluarkan...saper2 yg bwk kete BAWAH 80km/j @ lori lebih muatan (xkire la baper tan punye lori) leh  la dok lorong kanan skali...lpas tu yg nk memotong tuh pepandai la korang menyelit kiri kanan yer..jgn sampai accident plak..

Ni yg aku xtahan ni,dah ler bwk keter lembap 60km/j jer beb,pastu wat dekk jer cam xsalah kan...aku punye la cocok rapat pon xphm lg...aku bg high beam pon xphm gak..xkan nk sruh aku trun keter pastu tny,dulu amek lesen terbang ke x???pastu nk sruh aku mintak permission, Encik klaw nk bwk slow bleh x ketepi sbb saya nk memotong...phm2 sendri sudah ler..

Lepas tuh ade lagi satu spesis..bwk laju giler tp dok lorong kiri..pastu bile aku slow,siap cocok aku rapat2 plak...bile dh agak lame adegan cocok menyocok...die pon potong la pastu siap nk usha aku sambil wat muke ketat...HELLO...korang ni dulu mase amek lesen xblaja ker??lorong kiri tu utk kenderaan yg bwk slow..lorong kanan tu lorong memotong,so ofkos la laju korang xtaw kiri kanan??ataw dh lupe belah mane kiri belah mane kanan???

So,conclusion nye...bwk kete tu biar la berhemah..jgn main bedal jer..penting diri...cube pikir klaw keter blakang tu ade emergency ker kan..satu hal plak die nk kena menyelit2 hanya disebabkan korang yg bwk slow eksyen cam bawak laju sgt nk dok belah kanan...Klaw aku ni saket nak terberanak...konpom aku beranak dlm keter...timbang rasa la sket...xkan nk tggu ade polis baru nk terkial2 bwk keter elok2...Sekian,trime kasih...(Ahakss~)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Managing STRESS!!

Hi peeps..Just want to share a little bit information on STRESS management...

But first of all,you need to recognize STRESS...
Stress symptoms include mental, social, and physical manifestations. These include exhaustion, loss of/increased appetite, headaches, crying, sleeplessness, and oversleeping. Escape through alcohol, drugs, or other compulsive behavior are often indications. Feelings of alarm, frustration, or apathy may accompany stress.

STRESS management is the ability to maintain control when situations, people, and events make excessive demand. What you can do to manage your STRESS??What are some strategies??

How can you manage your STRESS??

  • Look around (See if there really is something you can change or control in the situation)
  • Set realistic goals for yourself (Reduce the number of events going on in your life and you may reduce the circuit overload)
  • Remove yourself from the stressful situation (give yourself a break only for a few moments daily)
  • Don't overwhelm yourself (by fretting about your entire workload. Handle each task as it comes, or selectively deal with matters in some priority)
  • Don't sweat the small stuff (Try to prioritize a few truly important things and let the rest slide)
  • Learn how to best relax yourself (Meditation and breathing exercises have been proven to be very effective in controlling stress.  Practice clearing your mind of disturbing thoughts)
  • Selectively change the way you react (but not too much at one time.  Focus on one troublesome thing and manage your reactions to it/him/her)
  • Change the way you see your situation;seek alternative viewpoints (Stress is a reaction to events and problems, and you can lock yourself in to one way of viewing your situation.  Seek an outside perspective of the situation, compare it with yours. and perhaps lessen your reaction to these conditions)
  • Avoid extreme reactions (Why hate when a little dislike will do? Why generate anxiety when you can be nervous? Why rage when anger will do the job? Why be depressed when you can just be sad?)
  • Do something for others ( help get your mind off yourself )
  • Get enough sleep (Lack of rest just aggravates stress)
  • Avoid self-medication or escape (Alcohol and drugs can mask stress.  They don't help deal with the problems)
  • Begin to manage the effects of STRESS (This is a long range strategy of adapting to your situation, and the effects of stress in your life.  Try to isolate and work with one "effect" at a time.  Don't overwhelm yourself.  for example, if you are not sleeping well, seek help on this one problem)
  • Work off STRESS (with physical activity, whether it's jogging, tennis, gardening, shopping, chilling around with friends, massage)
  • Try to "use" STRESS (If you can;t remedy, nor escape from, what is bothering you, flow with it and try to use it in a productive way)
  • Try to be positive (Give yourself messages as to how well you can cope rather than how horrible everything is going to be.  "Stress can actually help memory, provided it is short-term and not too severe.  Stress causes more glucose to be delivered to the brain, which makes more energy available to neurons.  This, in turn, enhances memory formation and retrieval.  On the other hand, if stress is prolonged, it can impede the glucose delivery and disrupt memory." )

Happy trying friends....Enjoy your life!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Morning peeps...Hari ni,i nak kongis dgn u o'llss psl DUIT...hehehe..

   "sebab DUIT boleh hilang adik beradik, sebab DUIT boleh hilang kawan, sebab DUIT boleh beli segalanya, sebab DUIT boleh beli orang, sebab DUIT hidup senang, sebab DUIT hidup penuh hutang, sebab DUIT kita kerja, sebab DUIT kita boleh hidup, sebab DUIT kita boleh makan..KUASA itu DUIT, DUIT itu KUASA."

Haaa..Ni status one of my friends kat FB...Zaman skrg mmg sume org tertekan psl sbnrnye,kite lupe..masalah tu dtg sbb kesalahan diri sendri gak...kite x well prepared utk mslh2 duit nih...

btol ke sbb DUIT boleh hilang adik beradik/kawan???
sbnrnye,jgn slhkn DUIT..DUIT tu cume jadi mangsa keadaan sbb prasaan dengki,iri hati dan sikap kite yg wat kite bergaduh kan???

btol ke DUIT leh beli segalanya??beli org??yg beli org pkai DUIT tu dh xgune akal fikiran..nipis sgt iman dan amalan nyer..sampai kan dh xnk bezakan halal haram..tolak hukum agama dan hidup berlandaskan DUIT...

sebab DUIT hidup senang,sbb DUIT hidup penuh hutang????btol ke kite hidup senang sebab DUIT???bkn sbb kebahagian dan amaln ker??klaw DUIT byk tp idup xbahgia,jiwa xtenteram camner??still lagi kategori 'hidup senang' ker??

sebab DUIT kite boleh makan??zaman dulu xde DUIT pon..cume gunekan sistem barter jer..boleh jer makan kan..

KUASA dan DUIT,mmg 2 benda yg mengaburi mata manusia..

Kalau kita menyusuri perjalanan hidup Rasulullah SAW, sejak kecil hingga saat wafatnye, Baginda xpernah hidup mewah. Padahal, Baginda mampu untuk hidup bermewah.

Kita disarankan utk BERSEDERHANA dalam hidup utk mengelakkan DUIT menguasai kite.
So,jgn la terlalu taksub dgn DUIT..jagn hidup bertuhankan DUIT..
Sentiasa lah bersyukur dgn ape yg kite ada dan bersederhana dalam hidup.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FaRisMa HomeStay

Thinking of a family holiday with a low budget???How about Malacca??There is a lot of attraction,entertainment,leisure and recreation place listed at Malacca.

Having problem with the accommodation??Or you want a place where you can relax and chill out at the same time.Located at No.45, Jalan MH 22,Taman Muzaffar Heights,75450 Melaka will be Farisma-Homestay.
It's located about 5 mins driving from Ayer Keroh Tol. This homestay is kindly restricted for muslim guest only. Farisma-Homestay is highly recommended especially for family vacation, lodging for engagement or wedding group.A fully furnished double story house for daily rent.

-Living hall (1 set of sofa & 1 wooden living set)
-Dining room (8 seater dining table)
-Praying room (with praying appliance)
-Kitchen ( mini bar, electrical kettle & dinner set )

-Master Bedroom with bathroom attached (Air conditioner, ceiling fan, Queen sized bedroom set )
-2nd room with bathroom attached (Air conditioner, King sized bed )
-3rd room with bathroom attached (Air conditioner, 2 single beds)
-Family Hall (Pool Table- upon request )

Check in Time

Check out Time

There is no place like home,even you are in your holiday!!!
You can have it all for the price below.
RM200 per night/weekdays or RM250 per night/weekend

Spacious house for holiday.Interested?Please do not hesitate to contact

016-5923184(Dhierah) / 018-3935912 (MiMi).

Wedding Of The Year 2010

This time,i would like to share with all of you about my cousin's wedding. It's been held at Taman Rimba Kiara,TTDI on the 26th of December 2010 with a WHITE garden wedding theme. Oh, what a color. I need to wear in white. Do i look suitable in that color?? But i still need to wear in White. So,it is quite hard for a chubby girl like me to find a suitable white dress or 'baju kurung' . So, i decided to survey the price first before buying it. Me and my mom went out to Plaza Masalam, Sect 9 in Shah Alam and we found out a suitable white maxi blouse to be wear with legging. It cost RM139 only for the blouse. I decided to think about it first before buying.

The day before the event, i'm still in my mission searching for the white blouse. So i decided to purchase the one that i and my mom found those day. I drove to Shah Alam, then i notice that it is to expensive and it is not suitable for me at all when i tried it. So i decided to move to the Giant Sect 13 to find a better option. At last , i found a white maxi blouse that cost me only RM60 for it . I grab it and continue my searching of legging. There's a Siamese expo at Tesco, Shah Alam and i dropped by to purchase a legging that cost me only RM15.Mission accomplished!

The event went smooth, the weather is great and the wedding is marvelous. Congratulations to my dearest cousin for your marriage and i wish you a bless marriage life till the end with lots of love. Hopefully,mine will follow. So, for those with a dream wedding that wanted to make it real, do follow My White Garden Wedding.

"RON 97 petrol price hike is not an issue???"

RON 97 petrol price hike is not and issue,price determined by world oil market.

This is currently the fourth consecutive increase in the past 6 months. It is not known whether the price hike affect other fuel prices as well. It would most likely just be RON97 as it is currently unsubsidized and is due to a review every month to reflect international oil prices.
The previous highest RON97 price is at RM2.70 at June 2008, when world oil prices hit a record high of US$121 per barrel. The current crude oil market price ber barrel now is at US$91.84
The government no longer fix the price nor announce any price increase for RON 97. They did not increase the price. The hike was due to the market forces.This is different from the prices of RON 95 petrol and diesel which are still being controlled by the government and subject to subsidies.
Will it effect RON95???So what will you guys do to counter the effects of the rising fuel costs?Take public transport? Drive hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight? Leave your comments below.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year Gift..

Guess what???
Tomorrow,05th Jan 2011.
Ron97 price will increase by 10cent...Thousand thanks for the best gift ever..(perli okay)..

Oh 2010..

What happened in 2010???

Petrol,Diesel,LPG and Sugar Price Hikes.(I really hate this)

The price of RON95 increased by five cent to RM1.90 per litrediesel by five cent per litre to RM1.80 and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by five cent to RM1.90 per kg. Sugar also cost 20 cent more at RM2.10 per kg.
Through these price hikes, the government expects to save subsidy payments of RM621.9 million on RON95, RM213.2 million on diesel, RM63.5 million on LPG and RM283.5 million on sugar a year, or a total of RM1.18 billion annually.
(Is it???Then,where do the money goes??just wondering..).
RON97 will remain on a managed float based on market prices.This is the second wave of subsidy cuts following the first round of hikes on July 16, when prices went up by five cent per litre for petrol and diesel, 10 cent per kg for LPG and 20 cent per kg for sugar.
This thing really do burden me and the others because it is our need not our desire.Will it be increase this year??

For The First Time...

Nurul Liza Saleh @ Tweety