Monday, October 1, 2012

Pokadots Empire(PE)

Holla,sape suke coklat?? favorite..terutamanya mashmallow celup chocolate..sedapnye..story psl coklat ni,one of my ex-officemate ade buat bisnes candy buffet...sape2 yg berminat,bwh ni contact details k :-

Company No : SA0233183-A
Call/Sms/WA : 016 2125 016
Email :
Facebook page : Pokadots Empire
Blog :
Web :

Servis yg disediakan
-Chocolate Fountain
-Candy Buffets
-Selling candy, sweets, marshmallow, jelly, choc beans and suchs
-Personalised label or tag for mineral water and goodie bags.
-Cupcakes & Cakes
-Ladies Apparel & Kids Clothing

Sgt sesuai utk majlis perkahwinan,pertunangan,
corporate events, birthdays, kid parties, anniversaries, product launches, kenduri, cukur jambul, work parties etc.

Package Choc Fountain&Candy Buffets starts from RM200 onwards

Personalised Label Drinking Water starts from RM1.50 each

Pricing depends on the paxs

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