Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beautylicious by LC

Dh lame x menconteng rasenye..so far so good,just xde mood nk menulis..bile 'M' menguasai diri..sume kje xjln..huhu..as previous post(xtaw la post yg bile tah),i ade mention yg i nk asingkn my personal blog and Lulu Collections..

Yeayyy!!!dh ade ade blog sendiri,still byk lg yg xupdate..mmg xupdate lnsg but no worries..will update from time to tome..u oll'ss boleh juga follow @lulucollections di instagram ye..mmg up to date instag ni..so anything for order & pertanyaan,leh la email misslulu.collections@gmail.com atau sms/whatsapp directly 0126020034...

Welcoming our new brand 'Beautylicious by LC'...sume beauty products will be under this brand yee...semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan jual beli dan dimurahkan rezeki oleh-Nya..Amin,Insya-Allah..

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