Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Live,Love,Luna @ Luna Village Bazaar


Nk story ni uollss..
Last weekend,i ade join event Luna Village Bazaar kat Rasta,TTDI.
Overall,it's great..
Dh wrap everything pon kan..
Anyway,just nk amek kesempatan to thanks all who invlove secara lansung atau xlansung membeli,membantu iolss that weekend.
Thanks so much Nayla from Luna Team..
It's a great event..
And glad that we won the best dresses vendor...
Xsia2 g bershopping baju pakai same2 dgn my partner!!
Sampai pening uolss sbb theme pink...
Thanks so much!!

From the bottom of my heart!!

Ms Fairuz Saiful

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