Saturday, September 29, 2012

Starbucks Drive Thru Cyberjaya

Salam jumaat..smlm i xleh tdo,pkul 4.30 pg baru tertdo..bgn kol 6.30 sbb kena hntr my love g after that kitorg g bfast..on the way back,i bercadang nk singgah Starbuck Drive Thru kt Cyberjaya tu..sbb xtaw location so i pkai apps map dlm iphone je..

Starbucks ni terletak kat Prima Avenue 5 Cyberjaya..bersebelahan dgn Maybank and Cimb..xssh pon nk cari..
Sesampainye di sana,rs excited nk order..haha,mmg i pon drive thru je and ordered a venti salted caramel frappucino..yummy..

For your info,kt sini diorg ade serve mmg best place for chit chat,makan and chillax with a cup of coffee..hehehe,so leh la try nex time..Selamat Mencuba!!!

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