Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedding Of The Year 2010

This time,i would like to share with all of you about my cousin's wedding. It's been held at Taman Rimba Kiara,TTDI on the 26th of December 2010 with a WHITE garden wedding theme. Oh, what a color. I need to wear in white. Do i look suitable in that color?? But i still need to wear in White. So,it is quite hard for a chubby girl like me to find a suitable white dress or 'baju kurung' . So, i decided to survey the price first before buying it. Me and my mom went out to Plaza Masalam, Sect 9 in Shah Alam and we found out a suitable white maxi blouse to be wear with legging. It cost RM139 only for the blouse. I decided to think about it first before buying.

The day before the event, i'm still in my mission searching for the white blouse. So i decided to purchase the one that i and my mom found those day. I drove to Shah Alam, then i notice that it is to expensive and it is not suitable for me at all when i tried it. So i decided to move to the Giant Sect 13 to find a better option. At last , i found a white maxi blouse that cost me only RM60 for it . I grab it and continue my searching of legging. There's a Siamese expo at Tesco, Shah Alam and i dropped by to purchase a legging that cost me only RM15.Mission accomplished!

The event went smooth, the weather is great and the wedding is marvelous. Congratulations to my dearest cousin for your marriage and i wish you a bless marriage life till the end with lots of love. Hopefully,mine will follow. So, for those with a dream wedding that wanted to make it real, do follow My White Garden Wedding.


  1. Are you keeping the lace for a special occasion????

  2. hehehe..mane taw nieh..syg la lace tu..cantek plak tuh..